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2011/08/18 / Danib


Ok so go to

These posts are over there too, but with a whole bunch more added in since then (ok, so only like 3 or 4 or something).  But im leaving in a month and this page will not get updated. WILL get updated.

Very often.

With lots of photos. and words. words with letters.

Bright shiny letters.

So go sign up for the new blog to get great new things to read.  Cause reading is fun and helps cure cancer.*

*statement not proven to be true.  by anyone.  actually i really just made this up. cause im bored.  sorry.

reading has not been shown to actually help cure anything; especially not cancer.  but now that ive made this great disclaimer i can pretty much say anything i want.

of course if you think about it, if you dont read, you’ll stay dumb.  and you’ll never learn enough to become a great research scientist and if you want any chance at winning a Nobel prize for discovering the cure for cancer you can pretty much bet you’re going to need at least a masters in some kind of research sciencey field.  so maybe reading will help.

but, probably not reading this. ;P

2011/07/12 / Danib

When is Spandex Fashionable?

When you are at THE CLASH show in Portland, Maine!


THE CLASH is a ‘battle of the bands’ of sorts that happens in Portland, Maine through-out the year.  It happened that the one night I decided to go walk around Portland, was the night of THE CLASH.  Walking down the street, I stopped the first 3 people I happened upon and asked “What cool is there to do in Portland tonight?”

“THE CLASH” they replied unanimously and super-excited.  So I had to go.  I also was told by this small group of locals that ‘your not that creepy for a tourist’.  HAHAHA…Thanks.  Then they deemed it was because, I am, originally from Maine. But anyway, back to spandex.

So THE CLASH takes place at a local venue Port City Music Hall, in downtown Portland. IMG_4857

Its only $5 to get in too (though the drinks were rather expensive; $11 for a shot of Jagger and a Cranberry juice..though I am in the city here).








The doors weren’t open yet (like my timeline of events), so I walked down the street and found a small group sitting outside OTTO Pizza.


I actually just stopped because I liked the photo; but then I saw what they were eating and it looked delicious.  On the positive reviews, and basically these people told me I had to; I went inside to get some brick oven pizza.  Its amazing!


They have a whole bunch of different pizzas, ranging from my traditional tomato-basil slice to various gourmet slices (the flavours dependent on what they feel like cooking)…and this pizza will easily rival any New York brick oven joint’s!  Just look at it!IMG_4848

(dammit, im making myself hungry now)


Just look at the guy in the window’s face! (no, they guy in the back, behind the decal – His mouth is dropped at the awesomeness of the pizza!)

Also, you can see the line of people who have now formed outside to get some (not only to I randomly change chronology – I also change tense!)


So after a delicious slice of heaven, I walked back down to Port City to a huge line that went down the block!  EVERYONE comes out for this event it turns out.IMG_4856


I had to get the scoop on what THE CLASH really is.  This is my massacred understanding of how THE CLASH works:

One guy started THE CLASH.  What he does for each show is he picks 2 known artists to cover.  He becomes ‘team leader’ for one band (pretty sure this is what they meant).  Then he picks one local musician to be ‘team leader’ for one of the bands.  This ‘team leader’ picks; say, someone he want to be the drummer.  Then the drummer picks who he wants to be the guitarist, and so on until there are enough people to form a band.  So its all actual local musicians who form these bands..but may have never all played together before.  Then they learn a bunch of songs.  At THE CLASH; a coin is flipped, and one band wins to go on first.  They come out and play one song.  Then the next band plays one song.  Then the first band comes back and plays another song.

The bands take turns playing one song at a time and at the end of the night; the crowd votes by cheering who the winner is. They clash bands like Madonna vs Lady Gaga; Rocky Horror Picture Show vs Greece; Soundgarden vs, Pearl Jam.  This night it was..


wait for it..

IMG_4858 copy_1

(now you understand where the spandex comes in)

Oh, you don’t?  Well let me show you:


Yes, this stunning young man is looking quite fashionable in a black and white diamond-checkered-pattern spandex unitard.  This ensemble is enhanced by the single gold chain he has chosen to wear; which really brings out his hair.  He accessorizes this piece with a microphone; which he sways ever so subtly as he parades down the stage in this exquisite attire created by someone with way too much awesomeness to even say their name.


This is the singer for ‘Queen’.  The ‘David Bowie’ side had considerably less spandex and considerably more makeup (you cant do Bowie without the makeup) IMG_4886

Just look how he matched the his gold lipstick and gold eyeshadow to the giant gold circle on his forehead! So simple; yet so elegant!


Oh yes! Not only do the bands play the songs…they get all dressed up too!


The crowd goes nuts! The bands are insane!  And the entire 20-30something population of Portland, Maine comes out to watch.


If you are planning a trip to Portland, Maine; I highly suggest to call Port City Music Hall and find out when the next THE CLASH is; and plan your trip around that! (ps: if you click any of the links to THE CLASH or PORT CITY – you will be taken to their websites so you CAN plan your trip around this event!)


And now, for your enjoyment…more photos of dudes in spandex and makeup:IMG_4868








2011/07/05 / Danib

Fourth of July Fireworks over Mandalay Bay Pool


Sometimes my job as a stagehand/rigger has its perks…like getting to watch the fireworks for free at Mandalay Bay Casino’s Pool! (and in return –had to run spotlight for a horrible reggae band from Alabama..but you take the good with the bad).


Fireworks at Mandalay Bay


Here they are setting up the fireworks.  The fireworks were set up on barges in the wave pool, and on each side. 

Fireworks at Mandalay Bay


They started the show with a bang, and playing a whole bunch of USA rock and rockish-country songs (like Born In The USA, American Woman, some other country songs everyone; but me, seemed to know).  Its quite a departure for someone like me; that grew up in Boston, and still thinks it kind of sacrilegious to have any music other than the Boston Pops playing to the fireworks…but I still got into it after my initial shock.



The fireworks were quite beautiful, and loud, and sparkly, and continuos! Really, just massive amounts of fireworks for 12 minutes straight.  But this is Vegas; so the whole show is pretty much a giant finale to me (i except for the one time I actually braved the traffic to see the real show in Boston, im used to small townie fireworks…ones almost no bigger than the $700 kits you can buy in the store).  So I thought this was a pretty big show.

July 4th, 2011


It is really cool to be able to see the fireworks actually get set off; rather than being so far away you don’t see them until they blow up in the sky.  I loved watching them come out of the cannons and leave trails all the way up till they exploded!

Fireworks at Mandalay Bay

It could have also been because I was watching this from my spot tower about 30ft in the air and 100yards away from where they were shooting them off.

You can see how close the crowd is to the firework barges. Im just sad that I didn’t get to see the fireworks set a tree on fire this year (it happened a couple years ago)



July 4, 2011



And this is the finale.  It was more red, white, and blue than in this photo (they shutter delay to show the trails make it look more pink, off-white, and purple – still a cool color combination).


So for all of you Americans who aren’t in America, or others who don’t celebrate the 4th of July (and why would you celebrate our Independence Day? That would be rather silly)…I hope you enjoyed my little slice of Mandalay Bay’s Fourth of July Fireworks Show.


And for all my British readers out there : HAHAHAHA, WE WON! Nyah-Nyah



2011/06/28 / Danib

Wicked Good Sandwiches in Pownal, Maine


Wicked Good Sandwiches - the sign doesn't lie!

This bright red building is Edna and Lucy’s in Pownal, Maine. (407 Hallowell Road, Pownal, ME 04069)(207) 688-3029

Edna and Lucy’s is one of the best sandwich shops ive been to, and they are located in a tiny rural town in the countryside of Maine; just north of Freeport. I had a Maine Italian (different than an italian sub).  Maine italians are (my family will be correcting me if I get this wrong) ham, provolone, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, pickles, and olives on a soft roll (or hotdog bun).  They are not toasted. There is no ‘italian’ meat.  It is a MAINE italian.  So all you Bostonians and New Yorkers; stop your cursing…im kinda with you; till I had one…Maine italians are really good.  They are much closer to what us people who grew up in MA (except for the cheese choice) call AN AMERICAN.

Not the point

Edna and Lucy’s has a whole range of sandwiches that would stop the cursing,and fill gaping mouths of all the New Yorkers and  Bostonians (still reading in horror) with delicious awesomeness.

I also tried the (im so looking at the menu photo to get this right) GRILLED EGGPLANT on Wheat bread with (surprise) grilled eggplant, onions, spinach, goat cheese, and tapenade. MMMMM  (ok, my mouth is watering right now).

Oh im just going to show you the menu photo


(yes, I distorted the photo a bit to make it bigger).



OH YES, Homemade treats (remember the sign on the outside from the photo at the top?…)

Look at that…on the back of the table..


I don’t even like donuts…and those are AMAZING!!!!!  (I had some for breakfast on another day).  Fruit, Scones, Molasses Ginger Cookies,..

Oh, and look in the background.  Oh yes,… that IS a refrigerator display for MORE TREATS!  I had some delicious baklava (so good in my mouth)!

And the lady’s who work here are the cutest, sweetest people ever!  I miss country life, just how nice everyone is, and how everyone knows everyone else.  If you have grown up in the city you probably think im wicked naive, and the people here may scare you because you will be positive that no one is that nice or trusting; and the whole town is up to something…and I will feel sorry for you; because in the country, they are. (nice; not up to something).  Unless you have grown up in farmland, you wont understand, so I wont try to explain further.  If you have, you know what I mean, and probably miss the atmosphere right now too.

Hey, look at me totally getting off the topic of the food – you are thinking this right now – but this is about the the whole place; people, food, simplicity, all of it.

Now if you look at photo 2 again; there are 2 doorways (one you just see the frame of).  Guess what’s behind those doors?

A DINING ROOM!  OH yes, you can also sit down and eat here at Edna and Lucy’s Wicked Good Sandwiches & Treats Shop of Awesomness! (ok, so I lengthened the name a bit)


This is a bigger picture of what you walk into from the outside. Open, clean, lots of natural light and fresh air!  And the ladies are right behind the counter cooking everything in front of you; joking it up with each other and you.  And since I knew someone from the area…they already knew who I was when I walked in the door.

So if you are ever in Pownal, Maine…or Freeport, Maine (Pownal is next town up and Edna and Lucy’s is only about 15min from downtown Freeport)…

…Go to Edna and Lucy’s!…(aka Wicked Good Sandwiches)


407 Hallowell Road, Pownal, ME 04069

And check out their Facebook page here

And no, this post is not created out of sponsorship, advertisement, or any other business or monetary arrangement.  I just think Edna and Lucy’s is WICKED GOOD!

All opinions are my own…and in my opinion EDNA AND LUCY’s ROCKS!


2011/06/12 / Danib

Ok, I think I’m Getting To My Freaking Out Stage

So, I do this. I hope I’m not the only one…but the more I’m planning my trip, the more I’m starting to feel like “what the fuck am I thinking?” And “how the hell am I ever going to pull this off?”

I still need a dslr camera, a laptop, rabies shots, and external SSD (solid state drives) or something to keep backup photos on.  And on top of all this, I still need to sell my stuff (going very slowly, almost non-existintly), and save at least $4000 more…in 3 months! 

I’m also still waiting to find out if court for my stolen car will delay this trip or not, the place my roommate and I are renting we are now taking to court for a number of health and saftey issues…so we can get out of here.  Oh, and they removed our gate codes so now we have to sit at the gate waiting for either the security or another tenant to come by and let us into our complex (honestly, I don’t know how these people could possibly think this will help their case in court)

Yeah, life happens.  And it likes to do so all at once.  But the “how the hell am I going to make enough money to do this when I have no idea what I’m doing” factor is the worst!  I’m really trying to force myself to not do nothing and just give up! 

But I knew this was coming. Every big trip (in or out of country) I do, I go through this. It will pass (usually once I buy the plane ticket…but because of court for my car, I can’t yet).  But I feel the need to write about this feeling of dread, hopelessness, uncertainty, and WTFamidoing? 

This blog is about not just my trip, but the emotions and things leading up to it…and this is one of those emotion things.  I doubt I’m the only one that goes through this. I hope this post may help someone else who feels the same, so they can know they are not alone. 

But how the hell am I going to save 4grand plus sell all my stuff? (which will almost pay for the camera and laptop…if I can get it to sell!) 


2011/06/11 / Danib

There’s More to Las Vegas than those 4 F*^#ing Miles!

Ok, so I have just read ANOTHER guide to Vegas that pretty much doesn’t get off the strip.  Well it got to the Pinball museum, and Fremont St for the light show, but THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO DO IN VEGAS!

I am writing a guide to the rest of Vegas, cause I am pissed off that everyone just knows about the casinos and the strip clubs.  FUCK THE STRIP! Locals do not go to the strip unless they are getting paid.  So why should backpackers. The strip is great for first timers for a couple hours…but over 2 million people live in Vegas; and no, WE DON’T ALL LIVE IN THE CASINOS!!!!  Stop asking me which casino I live in every time I fly home!

Ok, here is things to do in Vegas that are not on the strip:


Spring Mountain; which is just west of the strip on the other side of I-15, is our China Town.  But really, its every Asian country you can thin of here.  Want some REAL Asian food.  Pick ANY restaurant and you wont be disappointed. The first main plaza you come to is the pagoda plaza.  There is the 99Ranch Market – which I shop at because it has the freshest, cheapest fish and meat I’ve ever had (and I’ve lived near the ocean on the East Coast my whole life).  Surprisingly, for the desert, Vegas has the freshest fish I have ever had (the fact that it gets flown in everyday helps).  And every year we have a giant Chinese New Year celebration with entertainment, food, souvenirs, and flying people here on

Spring Mountain!

Seriously, this guy did almost a full 360 like this.  When did the Chinese learn to fly, and why wont they share the knowledge?

You should visit Spring Mountain, if just for a meal.  Sushi, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc.…all next to each other.  There is no place I have found here that I would not recommend!


So yes, Fremont has the LED light show. Locals will actually go to Fremont.  It has all the crazy, weird people but with half the tourists, and drinks are cheap.  But to really see something cool (after the light show, cause honestly, everyone should see the light show at least once, head East to EAST FREMONT (there’s a sign telling you you are there.).  East Fremont; well the safe part of East Fremont, not the methhead, hooker graveyard part which is much further East, is only a block long.  BUT I’TS A BLOCK THAT PACKS A PUNCH!

East Fremont Street and The Beauty Bar

There is Beauty Bar, The Griffin, the Hookah Lounge, Emergency Arts (an art gallery/café/Burlesque Hall of Fame), and Insert Coins.  Insert Coins is the newest addition to this lot of amazingness.  It’s a bar slash arcade!  Yes, old school arcade games and pinball machines.  Get drunk, play Tetris.  Cant get too much more awesome!

The Griffin


Vegas is home to many Legends of Burlesque and Burlesque shows! ChaCha Velour and MissKarla Joy run a burlesque class here in Vegas(if you go to I’m in the photo of the Jan-March 2011 class).  Renea’ La Roux is one of my personal favorites to see.  There are so many burlesque shows and performers in Vegas its hard to name them all.  Look them up on Facebook.  But BOOMER’S BAR on Sirius (on west side of I-15, in a dark back alley of a road) hosts many burlesque shows.

The BURLESQUE HALL OF FAME is located inside of Emergency Arts at the corner of East Fremont and 6th St. Check online to find hours.


The second Saturday of each month (SO TONIGHT!) is the Vegas Streats Festival in the El Cortez Plaza (directly behind Emergency Arts – across the street from the El Cortez Casino).  It’s a festival showcasing Vegas’s DELICIOUS gourmet food trucks, with music, artists, and beer… and sometimes surprises for those who stay there till 2am.  The festival runs from 8pm-2am, and IS AWESOME!

Vegas is FULL of amazing gourmet food trucks and very often they have impromptu food truck ralleys in parking lots all over Las Vegas.  if you sign up on Facebook or Twitter to follow them, they give daily updates to where and when they will be around town, and you can always ask them too.  Some of our food trucks

HanShikTaco  – located pretty much daily in Lee’s Discount Liquor parking lot on West Lake Mead Blvd (NW Vegas).  Korean and tacos.  There is NOTHING but awesomeness in my mouth here!

Hanshiktaco Tacos...mmmm

SnOwOno – shaved ice, really does feel exactly like sticking your face in a pile of deliciously flavored fluffy snow.  The girls home make the flavored syrups; so unlike most ice things that are so sickly sweet you need to pound water after – SnOwOnO is REFRESHING!  And they have something like 50 flavors you can mix and match.  All delicious – but try the Tiger’s Blood…MMMMMM!SnOwOnO and HanShikTaco at the Lee's Discount Liqour Parking Lot.

Ok, so those are my 2 favorite…but here is a list of more of Vegas’s (in?)famous gourmet food trucks:

Tasty Buns (oh they are too!), Sliding Thru, LBS Patty Wagon, Fukuburger, Haulin’ Balls, Fat Daddy Icecream, Muncheeze, Grouchy Johns, Food Slingers, Island Breeze, H&H BBQ, BBQBOYLV, Curbside Café, The Cheese Steak Truck, Sloppi Joes….and so many more I cant think of right now.


Red Rock Canyon is located west, way west, of the strip.  It has some of the best places to go bouldering (aka. jumping around the rocks like a mountain goat), and rock climbing. Take Charleston st past where the street lights end and you’ll come to Red Rock.  you can also take the street right before the actually entrance to Red Rock (Calico Basin), and get into Red Rock on the backside, and the Calico Basin entrance is FREE.  Its just a really cool place to climb, hike, picnic, see the whole valley, and basically have fun


Located about 20 min north of Vegas up I-15 is Valley of Fire.  You come into nowhere, then take the street at when you see the casino (you cant miss it; it’s the only casino in the middle of the desert there).  It’s a State Park, so it costs $6 (I think…it was less than $10 per car) to go…but there are some great rock formations, and you can climb everywhere.  Its definitely  a fun day to go out here.  just bring water.

Actually, you should bring lots; AND DRINK LOTS of water anywhere you go in Vegas.  It’s a desert. Especially in the summer, you can get severely dehydrated without knowing it.  Sweat evaporates instantly, so many people don’t realize how much water they’ve lost.

Anyway, back to Valley of Fire.  Im just going to show you its awesomeness in photos.:



This park is located on Valley View and is a nature preserve showcasing Vegas’s abundance of wildlife.  They also host the RUN AWAY WITH CIRQUE DU SOLIEL event every year; which I had the opportunity to go to this past spring.  A mini run, Cirque Characters running around, activities for kids, and raffle prizes for the runners.  I’ve never actually been there besides that, but I can say, hanging out with Cirque people; in full costume, was wicked fun!



This is one of Vegas’s biggest, monthly events, and no one but locals seem to go.  It’s the monthly art event held in Vegas’s Art District (YES VEGAS HAS AN ART DISTRICT!); which is about a mile south of Fremont St  (have you noticed that most of the cool stuff is located around Fremont Street yet?) Each month, on the first Friday of the month (hence the name), part of the art district, south of Charleston St, gets closed down to traffic and there is basically a giant party of music, local artists, food, and so on.  The galleries open up, and craftsman and artists line the streets.  If you are into art, and want to see just how big the local art community is here in Vegas, go to First Friday! (ps: we call our entire art district 18blocks.) FIRST FRIDAY WEBSITE

So these are just A FEW of the things Vegas has to offer, besides casinos, expensive tourist shi-ite, and strip clubs (yes, we do have a lot of those too; but seriously, they are not any better than any other town in America)


Also, the casinos on Fremont have cheaper rooms.  And weekday prices all over Vegas are significantly less than weekend.  You can easily stay for $30 a night in many casinos on weeknights; especially in Fremont District.

2011/06/07 / Danib


So I went to my sister’s wedding in southern Maine a couple weeks ago.  By far, the best, most enthusiastic wedding I have EVER been to! (and not just because she is my sister).

Anyway, lots of friends, lots of family, a badass climate-change cold that has now dropped to pneumonia.  No actual diagnosis, but since I used to get bronchitis and pneumonia if you look at me funny, im pretty familiar with the-almost-passing-out-when-you-cough-because-you-feel-like-you-are-breathing-through-soup-and-super-weakness-but-feel-like-your-heart-is-racing- feeling, and after $70 for refills (from last year’s sickness) of antibiotics and an inhaler from the pharmacy (THANK YOU NEVADA FOR REFUSING ME HEALTH INSURANCE), I did not feel the need to pay another $80 to a doctor;  so he could tell me I need antibiotics and an inhaler.


But I digress


Back to the wedding.  I stayed part of the time at my sister’s house…who by the way does not believe in heat, even when the day me and her maid-of-honour; whose also from the desert, arrived and it is 57 and raining inside her house . Ok, raining outside, 57 inside… (and I wonder why both me and the MOH got sick?)…

The other part of the time with my mom a little south (when I couldn’t take being cold anymore); and when the weather stopped being assy and became sunny and warm again, I went back to my sister’s.  (love my sister but I am so making her come to the desert, in the 120degree summer, and refusing to turn on the AC – love ya sis)


Anyway, I am not going to go so much into the details of her wedding, because it is her wedding and the details are her business to dispense, but I will say she hired a band from Canada who consisted of 4 or 5 guys in their early to mid 20’s (one guy was not actually in the band, but helped a band member move in the morning and subsequently got invited for a weekend at a stranger’s wedding in a foreign country), bought said band a keg (yes, the band got their own keg.  why?  HAVE YOU EVER SEEN CANADIANS DRUNK?…or sober for that matter?)  and let the band camp in her backyard.

Yes, after the festivities were over, those of us staying at my sisters had our own party with live acoustically played music…oh and chefs.  We did not know that when hiring said Canadian band, we were also hiring a bunch of guys in culinary school. So not only did we get music and entertainment (and in my cousin’s case, a babysitter – when her 4 year old fell in love with the ‘sorta-in-the-band’ guy and danced with him all night long)…THEY MADE US BREAKFAST ON THE WEDDING MORNING! and WICKED good breakfast at that!


So really, this post is not so much about the wedding, as it is a stab at my sister for getting me sick (I can blame her, she’s my sister. It’s a sisterly love thing) and to talk about the awesome Canuck band from New Brunswick, who for some reason, when guys from New Brunswick get drunk they have Scottish accents.  No lie.  Not typical EH canadian accents you think of (though they did say EH, and I laughed when they did)…but straight up Scottish accents.  And it was funny as hell!  Those guys were the best.  If you ever need a kickass band, WITH TONS OF TALENT, who might make you breakfast, camp in your yard, dance with your little daughters, drink a keg (or attempt to – I think they failed), and give your party a kickass GREAT time you will never forget…you should hire these guys.  They are super polite, yet a riotingly good time.


Im not sure what “riotingly good time” means – but we had it! And they are. No drunken brawls, or trashed houses. No picket signs.  They are wicked polite and helpful.  And everyone in both families loved them! But they bring the funtimes! And singing.

Singing, ahhh the singing!  Great voices…but this is not about the important ‘during wedding’ singing…this is about the ‘after wedding most of way through the keg’ singing.  yes, that singing… Sing about anything random. Just making up real sounding songs to anything that happens. 

Hey…should you through that beer bottle in the bonfire?


And after 2 hours of it, one of them; so unsarcastically sits up and says: “Hey, hey guys.  We should MAKE UP a song!”  the rest of us bust out in  stitches because what had they just been doing for the last 2 hours?  I want to get married now, just so I can have them perform at another wedding!


I have just made this into a promo-for-the-band blog.  And it should be.  LOVED THESE GUYS!


Also, if you would like to know about this secret sister of mine; who by lack of information makes her sound like a horribly disfigured mutant creature we kept chained in the basement while growing up, throwing her scraps down the cellar steps, you can look up her blog LIKE A CUP OF TEA or check out her handmade natural soaps at GREEN BARN SOAPS.

*shameless sisterly promotion – but seriously, her soaps are REALLY good!*



2011/05/24 / Danib

Back to my Roots

So I’m in Maine for a week for a wedding. My sister’s wedding.  And I’m spending the week here in southern Maine (Portland/Freeport area). 

Ok, so I’m not actually from Potland. I’m from much north-er in Maine, but this is what you get. Cause this is where I am, and Maine is awesome. Even when its freezing and 50 at the end of May (actu today is 77, andthe only warm day this week)

So since I’m here for the week, I’ve decided to do a travelblog article on Portland, Maine. 

I haven’t been to Portland in about 8 years, and then it was really just to the State Theater and Asylum for rock shows.  I do have fond memories of getting drunk at the State with my drummer friend who was on tour, crashing out and watching movies on the tour bus, then waking up at 6am to play ‘Dude Where’s My Car’ cause it got towed overnight. Hahaha.  That’s was a pretty awesome adventure!

But now I’m walking around Portland. Actually, I’ve stopped to get food at the Porthole Restaurant, right on the water and then I’m going to go take a ferry ride.  So today I am just bumming around Portland, Maine.  When I get back to a cpu I will write a more intense, guided article on where I went in Portland. 


2011/05/15 / Danib


So I suck at writing.  Especially when its something I have to write and something I have to not sound like a tool about.

But I just finished the first draft of my trip proposal.  I am proud of myself.  It very likely is hilarious and sad – like watching 6 hours of Manny Paqueo sings Philippeano karaoke music…but I finished.  I feel like the first time I tied my shoelaces by myself. So I guess im just bragging.  I should stop.  Im not Manny Paqueo. I cant beat the crap out of anyone who disagrees with my wordsmithing skills.


Wordsmithingverb, the act of creating new words, usually by changing its known part(s) of speech or by combining 2 usually distinct words. Also includes the use of people’s names as adjectives, adverbs, and verbs.  Also known as evolution of language, disregard for grammar, or inability to use grammar correctly and tries to hide it by making shit up.

noun : wordsmith : the person who does the wordsmithing

(Examples:..just read this blog – its full of them)

2011/05/11 / Danib

Photos for a Cause

August 1rst I will be taking down all the photos currently on my website :

I am doing this to make room for GOING NOMAD photography.  So the photos currently on my site will be available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! I will not be putting the current photos up for sale again.


Buddy Guy at Memphis In May festival 2009

I do have a couple discount photo packages available and I will probably be adding more (right now I have a ‘Performer’s Package’– which is a bunch of 8×10”s, a ‘Gallery Package’– which is large size canvas wraps, and a ‘Standout Package’ – which is mounted on a frame; like the gallery wraps, but made of photographic paper, not canvas).

Each package includes multiple size photos; and each package lets you choose different photos for each print

(I hate when you get 3-8×10” prints, but they all have to be of the same photos.  Why the hell do I want to put 3 of the exact same photo up?  Its stupid. Its only good for wallet size school photos to give to family, which they rarely do anything with anyway but stuff it in some junk drawer.).

If you really want multiple prints of the exact same photo you can still order it, im just giving you the option to creatively decorate your abode.

So back to selling stuff….

My daughter from another mother, playing on their farm


So if you would like any prints, I recommend you buy them, soon.

And all the money from the sales of my photos goes towards my


So you are basically donating/investing your money to a great cause and receiving beautiful prints as a thank you!

(like how I did that? Winking smile)


Costumes of dancers at the 2010 Chinese New Year celebration in Las Vegas, Nevada

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