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2011/05/11 / Danib

Photos for a Cause

August 1rst I will be taking down all the photos currently on my website :

I am doing this to make room for GOING NOMAD photography.  So the photos currently on my site will be available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! I will not be putting the current photos up for sale again.


Buddy Guy at Memphis In May festival 2009

I do have a couple discount photo packages available and I will probably be adding more (right now I have a ‘Performer’s Package’– which is a bunch of 8×10”s, a ‘Gallery Package’– which is large size canvas wraps, and a ‘Standout Package’ – which is mounted on a frame; like the gallery wraps, but made of photographic paper, not canvas).

Each package includes multiple size photos; and each package lets you choose different photos for each print

(I hate when you get 3-8×10” prints, but they all have to be of the same photos.  Why the hell do I want to put 3 of the exact same photo up?  Its stupid. Its only good for wallet size school photos to give to family, which they rarely do anything with anyway but stuff it in some junk drawer.).

If you really want multiple prints of the exact same photo you can still order it, im just giving you the option to creatively decorate your abode.

So back to selling stuff….

My daughter from another mother, playing on their farm


So if you would like any prints, I recommend you buy them, soon.

And all the money from the sales of my photos goes towards my


So you are basically donating/investing your money to a great cause and receiving beautiful prints as a thank you!

(like how I did that? Winking smile)


Costumes of dancers at the 2010 Chinese New Year celebration in Las Vegas, Nevada


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