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2011/05/24 / Danib

Back to my Roots

So I’m in Maine for a week for a wedding. My sister’s wedding.  And I’m spending the week here in southern Maine (Portland/Freeport area). 

Ok, so I’m not actually from Potland. I’m from much north-er in Maine, but this is what you get. Cause this is where I am, and Maine is awesome. Even when its freezing and 50 at the end of May (actu today is 77, andthe only warm day this week)

So since I’m here for the week, I’ve decided to do a travelblog article on Portland, Maine. 

I haven’t been to Portland in about 8 years, and then it was really just to the State Theater and Asylum for rock shows.  I do have fond memories of getting drunk at the State with my drummer friend who was on tour, crashing out and watching movies on the tour bus, then waking up at 6am to play ‘Dude Where’s My Car’ cause it got towed overnight. Hahaha.  That’s was a pretty awesome adventure!

But now I’m walking around Portland. Actually, I’ve stopped to get food at the Porthole Restaurant, right on the water and then I’m going to go take a ferry ride.  So today I am just bumming around Portland, Maine.  When I get back to a cpu I will write a more intense, guided article on where I went in Portland. 




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  1. john / May 24 2011 10:19 AM

    Dani, nice talking with you on the boat. I like your pics, good eye. I used to make a living designing software, so I always worry about backing up. On your trip you can send your best stuff to yourself somewhere on the net in case your camera gets stolen. The net is great that way. You could also stock up on sd cards that could be mailed back or hidden somewhere in a tiny ziploc bag in the lining of something. I made a copy of the front of my passport and had it whatchamacallited with plastic, kept the original and the copy in separate places. You probably know all this, just making sure. Have fun. john
    P.S. if you get a chance, check out Victor’s studio on Pleasant St. in Portland, five minute walk from the Old Port. He loves visitors, and his stuff is so much better on the wall than in my website. The address is at noagecafe, click on Victor’s Studio in the art page, lower right.

  2. George / May 24 2011 11:45 AM

    Hey, really great blog post… I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog because of the great style and energy. I actually work for the CheapOair travel blog. If you’re interested, we would love to have you on as a guest blogger. Please send me an e-mail: gchristodoulou(at)cheapoair(dot)com, and I’ll give you more information. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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