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2011/06/07 / Danib


So I went to my sister’s wedding in southern Maine a couple weeks ago.  By far, the best, most enthusiastic wedding I have EVER been to! (and not just because she is my sister).

Anyway, lots of friends, lots of family, a badass climate-change cold that has now dropped to pneumonia.  No actual diagnosis, but since I used to get bronchitis and pneumonia if you look at me funny, im pretty familiar with the-almost-passing-out-when-you-cough-because-you-feel-like-you-are-breathing-through-soup-and-super-weakness-but-feel-like-your-heart-is-racing- feeling, and after $70 for refills (from last year’s sickness) of antibiotics and an inhaler from the pharmacy (THANK YOU NEVADA FOR REFUSING ME HEALTH INSURANCE), I did not feel the need to pay another $80 to a doctor;  so he could tell me I need antibiotics and an inhaler.


But I digress


Back to the wedding.  I stayed part of the time at my sister’s house…who by the way does not believe in heat, even when the day me and her maid-of-honour; whose also from the desert, arrived and it is 57 and raining inside her house . Ok, raining outside, 57 inside… (and I wonder why both me and the MOH got sick?)…

The other part of the time with my mom a little south (when I couldn’t take being cold anymore); and when the weather stopped being assy and became sunny and warm again, I went back to my sister’s.  (love my sister but I am so making her come to the desert, in the 120degree summer, and refusing to turn on the AC – love ya sis)


Anyway, I am not going to go so much into the details of her wedding, because it is her wedding and the details are her business to dispense, but I will say she hired a band from Canada who consisted of 4 or 5 guys in their early to mid 20’s (one guy was not actually in the band, but helped a band member move in the morning and subsequently got invited for a weekend at a stranger’s wedding in a foreign country), bought said band a keg (yes, the band got their own keg.  why?  HAVE YOU EVER SEEN CANADIANS DRUNK?…or sober for that matter?)  and let the band camp in her backyard.

Yes, after the festivities were over, those of us staying at my sisters had our own party with live acoustically played music…oh and chefs.  We did not know that when hiring said Canadian band, we were also hiring a bunch of guys in culinary school. So not only did we get music and entertainment (and in my cousin’s case, a babysitter – when her 4 year old fell in love with the ‘sorta-in-the-band’ guy and danced with him all night long)…THEY MADE US BREAKFAST ON THE WEDDING MORNING! and WICKED good breakfast at that!


So really, this post is not so much about the wedding, as it is a stab at my sister for getting me sick (I can blame her, she’s my sister. It’s a sisterly love thing) and to talk about the awesome Canuck band from New Brunswick, who for some reason, when guys from New Brunswick get drunk they have Scottish accents.  No lie.  Not typical EH canadian accents you think of (though they did say EH, and I laughed when they did)…but straight up Scottish accents.  And it was funny as hell!  Those guys were the best.  If you ever need a kickass band, WITH TONS OF TALENT, who might make you breakfast, camp in your yard, dance with your little daughters, drink a keg (or attempt to – I think they failed), and give your party a kickass GREAT time you will never forget…you should hire these guys.  They are super polite, yet a riotingly good time.


Im not sure what “riotingly good time” means – but we had it! And they are. No drunken brawls, or trashed houses. No picket signs.  They are wicked polite and helpful.  And everyone in both families loved them! But they bring the funtimes! And singing.

Singing, ahhh the singing!  Great voices…but this is not about the important ‘during wedding’ singing…this is about the ‘after wedding most of way through the keg’ singing.  yes, that singing… Sing about anything random. Just making up real sounding songs to anything that happens. 

Hey…should you through that beer bottle in the bonfire?


And after 2 hours of it, one of them; so unsarcastically sits up and says: “Hey, hey guys.  We should MAKE UP a song!”  the rest of us bust out in  stitches because what had they just been doing for the last 2 hours?  I want to get married now, just so I can have them perform at another wedding!


I have just made this into a promo-for-the-band blog.  And it should be.  LOVED THESE GUYS!


Also, if you would like to know about this secret sister of mine; who by lack of information makes her sound like a horribly disfigured mutant creature we kept chained in the basement while growing up, throwing her scraps down the cellar steps, you can look up her blog LIKE A CUP OF TEA or check out her handmade natural soaps at GREEN BARN SOAPS.

*shameless sisterly promotion – but seriously, her soaps are REALLY good!*




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  1. h / Jun 9 2011 5:20 AM

    Haha you really do write just like you talk! You should throw some photos in here – since it’s a photo blog! Though, given everything that happened I don’t even know if you were able to take photos, I’m just assuming so. Those few days went by way too fast.

    I would like to clarify that it was only 57 on one of the mornings! Ok, and maybe while we were at work during the day. Next time you’re up I’ll teach you how to make a fire in the woodstove – or you can just come in the winter and it will be nice and hot in the house.

    Ok, no guarantees. What can I say – we’re polar bears.

    ❤ Love you!

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