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2011/08/18 / Danib


Ok so go to

These posts are over there too, but with a whole bunch more added in since then (ok, so only like 3 or 4 or something).  But im leaving in a month and this page will not get updated. WILL get updated.

Very often.

With lots of photos. and words. words with letters.

Bright shiny letters.

So go sign up for the new blog to get great new things to read.  Cause reading is fun and helps cure cancer.*

*statement not proven to be true.  by anyone.  actually i really just made this up. cause im bored.  sorry.

reading has not been shown to actually help cure anything; especially not cancer.  but now that ive made this great disclaimer i can pretty much say anything i want.

of course if you think about it, if you dont read, you’ll stay dumb.  and you’ll never learn enough to become a great research scientist and if you want any chance at winning a Nobel prize for discovering the cure for cancer you can pretty much bet you’re going to need at least a masters in some kind of research sciencey field.  so maybe reading will help.

but, probably not reading this. ;P


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