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My name is Danielle, but my friends call me Danib (Dah – neeb).  I photo, I travel, I live in Sin City; and I am currently in the process of selling everything I own (save for a camera, a laptop, and a small box of family heirlooms to ship to my dad’s) because I am GOING NOMAD!  No really, in a few months, I will own nothing, live nowhere, and travel the world photographing lesser known places and cultures.  I want to know WHY different cultures think/feel/act/believe the way they do and I want to photograph that.  Its abstract, I know.  And yes, many people think im insane for doing this.  But tell me..Does THIS look like the face of an insane person?

So in a few months I will leave the country for (hopefully) a year.  I will write everyday in the blog as it will be my travel journal.  Cant guarantee I’ll be able to UPLOAD everyday, or use proper grammar or English skills…but I’ll do my best.  I am also selling prints of my photos to help raise money for my trip.  You can see and buy my photos at


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