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2011/05/09 / Danib

What Doesn’t Kill You…

So my pre-nomad life is preparing me for my Going Nomad life.  (it sounds bad, but yet everything that is happening is actually working out for the better).  Here it goes:


I will no longer be selling my car before my trip.  Why?  Because it got stolen.  Yes, last week my car got stolen.  We were trying to move from our old apt before we got broken into or something got stolen.  We were a week too late.  I didn’t know my car was stolen from my apt for 12 hours, but at 3am that day they found it.  In pieces.  With no engine.  At 7am they had 2 guys in custody. At 8am they were at the chop-shop.  So my car helped close down a chop-shop.  That’s cool.  And tomorrow (unless it gets pushed back) is the court date for the guys that stole my car.  Its sucky because I just finished paying off my car.  I was expecting something on it to break, not it to get stolen.  HAHAHA. Yup, I drove a 99 Acura Integra stick shift, all original.  I can pretty much guarantee that the engine is currently in a Honda Civic and being raced around town.


This is where my engine used to be

Good part – I decided I would be happy with the mid-range value of my car and I got more than that.  Im just renting a car until I leave because its cheaper than buying a car (for 2 months use) and now I don’t have to worry about buying a beater that breaks down on me, or selling it again in 2 months.  So basically these deuches who stole my car actually gave me some more money for my trip and saved me the hassle of trying to sell my car.

(though renting a car is twice the payment was, but I wouldn’t have had much time to sell my car between when I needed one, and when my trip was…so I can pretty much assume I after the rental, I still have about what I would have if I had to sell a car quick and take a lower price).



Then we moved to a new apt that was supposed to be ready to move in, save for a few minor things like

cleaning the pigeon droppings on the deck, a small piece to fix one of the toilets (we have 2 bathrooms), a shower head in the same bathroom, and just cleaning an old stove. 


turns out the stove has all burned, melted and exposed wires (electric stove) and sparked at me and almost caught on fire (tripped the circuit breaker),

the pigeon poop was scraped off the patio, sorta, but not cleaned, so its still everywhere and not sanitary,

the toilet needs to be COMPLETELY replaced, but they cant because the water shut off for the toilet is broke and no one seems to know how where the main is for our apt ( they will probably have to call water company and shut off water to whole building…sorry building),

and the shower head turns out is the least thing to worry about there because the grout is bad, some tiles are cracked and the whole bathroom needs to be gutted.  YEAH FOR CRAPPY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANIES.  (we are taking them to renters court as soon as my roommate whose name the lease is in, gets the paperwork…so next week – and we do have another bathroom though that works- not great, but works)

I had no AC to add to this list too, but they finally fixed it yesterday.  They decided it was better to fix it then put me up in a hotel during the last few 95+ degree days here.

So right now I have no car, cant cook, sub-standard bathroom facilities (for an American), and everything is covered in bird poop.

And I am finding this hilarious.


  Seriously…I probably shouldn’t be, but I am!  Mostly because this is still so much better than what will be in many of the places I plan to go.  I don’t know why little things piss me off, but big huge ‘fiascos’ I find hilarious and just ‘MEH, it happens’. 

Best part of this week?  I got more surprise money from my godmother/aunt who pretty much has given me the opportunity for this trip.  I love and miss you Aunt Lucille (yes, she is dead.  but yet somehow keeps surprising me with little gifts that are helping to make this trip possible.  I love my Aunt Lucille and know that she would be very proud of me to use her gifts this way – to follow my dreams). 


ok, enough for now.  next time ill have more news from my crazy crazy funny life. 

and please take this as funny as im finding it.

like I said it sounds so “oh my life sucks”  but really its “hahahaha’.

I cant wait to see what craziness happens next!

2011/04/26 / Danib

The photo that sums up my trip.

I have now changed my stock photo to one of my own photos which i feel sums up my trip.  A long, windy, bumpy  road with one car, traveling off into the distance to some unknown place and time.  I will be surrounded by people and cultures throughout my trip, but this is my trip alone, and no one else’s.  This blog is of my journey and my experiences in other people’s cultures. It will allow me to show people the cultures of the world through my eyes.

*the photo I took while in Death Valley, traveling from where the Pupfish are, down to the salt flats – the lowest point in America.  I think I was still below sea level here.*

2011/04/13 / Danib

Danib is Going Nomad. Episode 8.9

So yes, I am going nomad.  WTF?  oh, its exactly what it sounds like and not a surprise at all to the people who know me.  Actu, they are prob saying “What took you so long?”  I love to travel.  I don’t care that ive only done it once.  (well out of the country at least – I was ‘voluntarily homeless’ building concert stages around the USA for 4 years).  Ive wanted to travel and take photos since I bought my first camera at 7.  im now 31.  ive been slacking on this.

So I am selling everything I own (save for my DSLR, a laptop, a few clothes, and a couple sentimental heirlooms from my dead relatives) – and leaving the country this September.  Indefinently.  Seriously – im selling everything.  My car I just payd off 2 month ago? – selling (have a few interests in it).  My brand new kick-ass gaming desktop cpu I just bought in Jan? – selling it to my sisters best friends (aka my other sister) who is a graphic artists in desperate need of a banging cpu. my laptop – ok, it’s a POS and ill prob be lucky to get $50 for it at a laptop store.

all my clothes – selling or donating.  my awesome asian style dishes – selling.  my books – selling what I can, donating the rest.  That’s pretty much my story – im selling everything I can to help pay for my worldwide – go till you run out of money – trip.  And ill donate the rest.  Maybe ill bring some cool photos of america and vegas ive taken, or a few of the cooler band shirts ive amassed and bring those with me as swapping items/thank you gifts.  But im really not going with much.  I can buy extra clothes if I need.  ill only need 1 or 2 pairs of pants, a few shirts, socks, underwear, and a sweater and jacket.  and one pair of shoes.

So yes, I am, for the most part, getting rid of all my worldly possessions and roaming the world, taking photos of the culture of the places I go, and the strengths and feelings of the people I encounter.  I was an anthropology major (never finished – one day I will), and I love to learn about why someone thinks a certain way.  Not how do they think, or what do they think, but WHY do they think and all the language, food, emotions, ideals, etc that come with the WHY.  and I like to photograph this.  yea, im going on a trip to photograph the abstract – but that’s what travel/cultural/documentary/photojournalistic photography is – it’s the emotion of where you are at that moment in time.  And that’s what I do.  Or what im going to be doing.  So I damn sure hope im as good at it as I hope I am.  and that sort of makes sense, so I hope you get what im trying to say. Hope.

(And if you havent figured it out yet, I write like I talk.  and the more im typing/rambling, the less capitalization and punctuation I use.  and the worse my spelling and grammer get.  though I do create my own words, thus evolving the english language.  if shakespear can do it, so can i.  The reason  I DON’T have my college degree is because I kept failing english)

.  Im so American, I cant even speak one language! HA!

So yeah, this will not be a Pulitzer Prize winning blog or anything. Ive actually never bogged before, but figured I should start one before my trip.  But this blog will be all about my travels (and the insanity of going all mother teresa on my stuff beforehand) and the people I meet and the kickass places I go.  And it will be supplimented with many many photos of my journey.

im a photographer, not a writer dammit!

(I am also a HUGE Star Trek fan!) YES!

So get ready for long journal entries like this because I will prob only write once every evening (im going to see things, do stuff, and photograph.)  I will also, hopefully, figure out this wordpress thing by the time I go too so I can make my blog page look slammin.  (I am so using a stock windows photo right now.  don’t care.  ill make this awesome soon enough.)

*Mother Teresa kicked ass by the way.   ok im not sure if  you should use the words ‘ass’ and ‘kick’ to describe Mother Teresa…but she did.  I don’t care what your religious beliefs are-because I certainly don’t go to church – but she was awesome.  And no I don’t by any means think im mother teresa.  mother teresa would not use words like ‘ass’ and ‘slammin’ and all the other descriptive degregations I will come up with along the way.  ‘going mother teresa’ simply refers to ‘giving away your possesions’.  that’s another thing I like to do.  use people’s names as actions.  also changing parts of speech of words is another fun thing a do.  like “Im a master at Spellation”.  yeah.

so this will be fun and amusing on all sorts of levels



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